I am Gissette Forte, Panama-born and New York City resident for over a decade. This is my corner of the Web where I display some of the things that go through my mind, such as poetry and paintings. 

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Love is the most beautiful feeling that can exist in our lives, however there are times when that same feeling generates other emotions such as hate, longing, sadness, or suffering.  Poetry allows me to express and explore in detail all those feelings that drive our lives from the female perspective. 

My artwork is a diverse compilation of my own life and travel experiences. One side of my work shows the everyday life of native Panamanians, market vendors, the beautiful Panamanian landscape and culture, etc. The other side shows a more complex view of the world. A mixture of colors, textures, forms and shapes that creates a mystic and abstract environment.


Some of my work...

La Muerte del Rey Niño

Vacio en el Alma